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Rio Olympics 2016 Infographic
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Anna Meares cries after winning Women's Sprint Gold at London 2012 Credit: Phil Walter/Getty

12 Awesome Olympians to look out for at Rio 16

By: Newsroom

With the Rio Olympics kicking off tomorrow MyDiscountDeals have created a fun infographic of who to look out for at this year’s games. ...

Turkey gears up to give Gulf states a run for their money

By: James Dorsey

The Gulf states dominate headlines with Qatar’s controversial hosting of a World Cup and the high profile acquisition of European soccer...

Best sporting moments of 2012

By: Newsroom Staff

No matter what sport or code you follow, everyone can agree 2012 has been a pretty fantastic year of athletic endeavours. The Sporting Journal...

Four more years from Meares

By: Erin Byrnes

There’s something that separates the true champions from other athletes. You could label it drive, some would say determination, others call...

Aussie Paralympians enter stadium at Opening Ceremony Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty

Paralympics open with a bang

7 years ago

After spending two weeks indulging in the greatest sporting spectacle on Earth, you’d be forgiven for thinking the people of London had overdosed on athletic competition. But it was a whole...

2012 Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony

Let the post-mortem begin

7 years ago

As the Qantas 747 touched down at Sydney International Airport, there was a sense of excitement building in the hangar. The plane was painted with the boxing kangaroo and was filled with the precious...

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