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Anna Meares cries after winning Women's Sprint Gold at London 2012 Credit: Phil Walter/Getty

Orange Monkey Pro Team Completes Absa Cape Epic in South Africa

By: Jacob Arnott

British UCI mountain bike team Orange Monkey made their debut in this year’s Absa Cape Epic in South Africa and successfully finished in both...

Forcing me to watch Oprah? Lance had better come clean

By: Dane Eldridge

So Lance Armstrong has finally had a gutful of being a clam. Hoo-bloody-ray. The world’s most despised bloke on wheels has agreed to have...

Best sporting moments of 2012

By: Newsroom Staff

No matter what sport or code you follow, everyone can agree 2012 has been a pretty fantastic year of athletic endeavours. The Sporting Journal...

Four more years from Meares

By: Erin Byrnes

There’s something that separates the true champions from other athletes. You could label it drive, some would say determination, others call...

Lance Armstrong, Hard done by? Credit: Robert Laberge/Getty

Armstrong Very Hard Done By

7 years ago

In a sport characterised by gluttonous athletes and numerous little clear cups, cycling has had its moral compass well and truly thrown off course today after banning seven-time Tour de France...

Lance Armstrong, Did he or Didn't he? Credit: Mario Tama/Getty

Lance’s fall from grace

7 years ago

Sports fans are divided into two camps when it comes to Lance Armstrong. Guilty or not guilty. There’s not much black and white when it comes to the man in yellow. There are those that think he’s...

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