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Training Tips: A Guide to Solo Basketball Workout Drills


Becoming the next LeBron James isn’t easy. It requires training hard and often. Even if your aspirations aren’t quite that lofty, the importance of training can’t be underestimated. The atmosphere of training with your team is tough to beat, but the same results can be achieved training by yourself. It isn’t always possible to assemble a group of your teammates to run drills, so learning solo drills is crucial to reaching that next level. If you aren’t sure what solo drills to run, then consider this simple guide to get your court performance soaring.

The right stuff

Equipment is undoubtedly the first step towards taking your solo training to that elite level. It is important to make sure you have what you need to train different elements of your game. The right basketball hoops are critical to success when running different drills. Height adjustable hoops allow you to practice both your lead up and vertical leap skills. Dunking is a dream for a lot of players, but being able to defend the hoop through a strong vertical leap is equally as important to your team. Playing both ways on the court is a skill worth practising, and one that is made a lot easier by making sure you have the right hoop at home.

Back to basics

Fundamental skills are exactly that, they are fundamental to moving to the next level. A lot of players like to practice the show pony skill moves that might make the highlight reels. The best players, however, practice the basics to the point of exhaustion. One of the best solo workout drills is perfecting your handle of the ball. The simplest way to achieve this is through slap downs. Take the ball and work it up and down at varying heights until the ball feels like an extension of your arm. Practice on your non-dominant hand to make sure you are capable of dominating your opposition no matter what side of the court they push you to.

Find your form

Everyone naturally wants to head straight to the three-point line and practice the fade away to win the game with only seconds left on the clock. The truth is, the best players are efficient not from the arc, but from under the hoop. Being able to pick up the scraps on every trip and make sure you walk away with two points is how the greats secure their name in the history books. One of the best drills to perfect your shooting form is to stand one to two meters from the hoops and practice shooting one handed. By not using your guiding hand, you allow your muscle memory to kick in and make shooting those tight inside shots as familiar as breathing. Repeat this time and time again in your driveway or at the local hoop to change the way you contribute each week.

Move in tight spaces

A skill that a lot of the great players have is the ability to move quickly in tight spaces. Recognising you are in a tough spot and getting out of it are two different things. A great solo drill to help build these skills is the slalom dribble. Set up cones in a straight line a few meters apart. Then, practice shifting in between each cone as quickly as you can. As you begin to get more comfortable, shift the cones closer to together and pick up the pace.


Practising your skills can be what separates the average from the great. If you are willing to take the next step and begin hitting those drills hard on your own, then use this simple guide to help.

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