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Speed v Quality in Content Creation

As content marketing has become a staple piece in the diet of any healthy marketing strategy; marketers quickly find themselves in the age-old perfectionist’s dilemma. It’s a great problem to encounter as it forces you to more closely consider your content marketing strategy and its alignment with your core business values.

It’s the question of SPEED v QUALITY.

Should we spend a significantly more time in the development of content to make sure it’s ‘perfect’? Or, are we better placed to quickly develop and be the first to distribute our content?

If you read a lot online and follow a certain few commentators – you’ll see they place a huge emphasis on speed, and being the first to publish. But on reflection, some trail and a lot of error; I’d argue differently and that in order to truly develop a balance that’s best for your brand, you should consider three questions…

1. What are your brands’ key values?

As with any marketing initiative; the activities need to align with your brands’ values and purpose. Your content creation process and strategy should be no different. In fact, I’d even argue that ensuring that your brands’ values speak to either side of the ‘Speed v Quality’ debate, in the long run, will significantly influence the strategies success.

A brand which values well thought-out, considered and deeper conversations – may determine that dedicating resources to further research and ultimately extend the content creation process, is the most ‘on-brand’ move. On the other hand, a brand which considers consistent, omnipresent, ‘short and sharp’ conversations, will likely lean towards choosing speed.

You’ll likely find that your conclusion is a culmination of both speed and quality. The decision here is significantly based upon the resources to which you want to put into the content creation process. And finding a balance that adequately delivers content that meets your brands’ expectations. It’s evaluating what the par quality and par speed you expect from your content creation process?


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