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Money Well Spent – Lottery Winners Who Invested Winnings into Sports Teams

Winning the lottery is a life changing event for a lucky few. More often than not, people who play the lottery tend to come from working class backgrounds, many of who are sporting fanatics. So when an unexpected windfall of cash is won like with a lottery jackpot, some winners have decided to invest their new found wealth into one of their main passions in life – the sports team they love and support.

Becoming an overnight millionaire opens limitless possibilities for a person. Some want to travel the globe and see new sights, others will go on some of the craziest and most extravagant shopping sprees ever, with plenty opting to maintain their normal lives just with a lot more security. No matter what, most lottery winners tend to make investments, some are wise, others no so much. Investing in their very own sports team is a dream come true for many lottery winners, and with so much money at their disposal, it is very viable to become an important figure at a sporting club.

Here are a few examples of lottery winners who invested money into their beloved sports teams:

Scottish Couple Who Euro Millions Jackpot Invest in Partick Thistle

Colin and Christine Weir could not believe their luck upon winning a massive £161 million in the EuroMillions lottery back in 2011. The couple, from Ayrshire Scotland, decided to invest some money in their local football club, Glasgow club Partick Thistle. Their donation of £750,000 allowed for a new youth academy to be opened for their beloved team. The state of the art facility will provide training for 1000 youth footballers, many of which will be offered professional contracts.

Their good gestures didn’t stop there, as they also invested in their local team, Largs Thistle. This Thistle were a much smaller sized team, so when they received £750,000 to be invested in new training facilities and a new pitch, it marked a new era for the Ayrshire team.

Norwegian Lottery Winner Sponsors Team and Young Star in the Making

When Yngvar Borgesen of Skien, Norway won €13.5million he decided he wanted to put his money to good use, investing it in improving his local community. That meant that local football team Odds Ballklubb received a donation from Yngvar to help the club keep one of its players, a promising youth footballing star in the making.

Fredrik Semb Berge had only recently made is full international debut for his country in a game against South Africa, and was drawing the attention of many larger clubs more domestically and internationally.  The financial situation at Odds Ballklubb was less than stable, meaning they would likely have to sell the young footballer. Thanks to the investment from Yngvar, he remained at the club, solidifying his place as one of the country’s best young players, making it the semi-final of the Euro Under 21 Championship.

Winners of National Lottery Jackpot Invest in Local Sporting Projects

Winning £40million in the UK’s national lottery draw allowed Gareth and Catherine Bull a life they never imagined. Deciding to pack in their jobs, they were not sure what to do with their new found millions, so decided to do local volunteer work for the community they lived in.

Debdale Park Sports and Recreational Club is home to the area local youth team, where the couple’s two young sons play each weekend. With neither of the couple now working, they decided they could do a lot of volunteer work to help the local club out.

Do you have a favourite sports team? Think about the things you could do for your idols, especially if you hit one of the huge lotto USA jackpots offered by lottery giants like Powerball and Mega Millions! But, before you start dreaming, make sure you stand a chance: Powerball, Mega Millions as well as EuroMillions tickets are available online on theLotter! You can try your luck from anywhere in the world.

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