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Australia’s Top 5 Recreational Sports

Sport is an extremely important part of Australian culture, and is also a fun and relatively relaxing way of exercising. Australia has an extremely active population, and as such, many people, both young and old, participate in recreational sports. Some of these are more organised than others, so if you are quite social and interested in picking up a sport, you might want to consider one of those disciplines. However, here are Australia’s top five recreational sports in general – maybe one of these will pique your interest!


Netball is a huge part of Australian sport, and is played competitively in schools all around the country. It is also popular with adults, with organised teams playing socially every week. Netball is more commonly known as a female dominated sport, but it is often played recreationally in mixed teams. It is quite a social sport, so it is a great way to get fit as well as meet new people.


Australia is surrounded by water, and so many, if not all children learn how to swim from a very young age. If you are more of a solitary person, you might like to try swimming recreationally for exercise. There are aquatic centres and swimming pools absolutely everywhere in Australia, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one near you. Most of these centres have heated pools for winter, so you can keep up your swimming regime even in the colder months.


Australia’s sunny weather lends itself to the playing of tennis all year round. Tennis seems like a relatively relaxing sport, but it will really get your arms and legs going. It is easy for beginners to pick up, and tennis courts are also quite easy to access and book, meaning that it can become your regular sport of choice in no time.

Madrid Masters 1.000 tennis tournament


Cricket is one of the most Australian sports under the sun. Whether it be on a nice green cricket pitch or on the sandy shores of a beach, cricket is ubiquitous in Australia, especially during the summer months. Cricket teams are quite easy to join, like all of the other sports on this list, and usually have mixed teams as well!


If you aren’t afraid of getting yourself a little hurt on occasion, then football might be the game for you. Australians play several different types of football, so it’s just finding the form that you enjoy the most. There are many organised football teams that play semi-competitively on the weekends, so do your research and you’ll almost certainly be able to find a team you can join. These sports are in Australia’s top 5 for recreation as they are suitable for people of all ages. Young people and teenagers may be more interested in alternative sports, such as rollerblading and skateboarding. If you, or someone you know is keen to take up such a sport, make sure to check out skateboard specialists like Penny Skateboards before you start to learn any tricks – and stay safe! Do you play or participate in a sport recreationally? Has it had a good impact on you – and what are the advantages and disadvantages to your particular sport? If you were to choose another sport to participate in, what would you choose and why? Please leave your comments and thoughts below.

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