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This World Cup will be one to remember

The footballing world has been in hysterics over whether or not Brazil will be ready to host this years World Cup.

With just over a month to go, speculation still remains that infrastructure won’t be ready to cope with the influx of people that is a result of hosting an event of this stature.

The main issue concerning FIFA has been the ongoing delays with stadiums. There are twelve stadiums that will be used over the four weeks. Ten of them are finished and the other two are expected to be declared fit for use by Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff over the next few days.

Of course there will be minor things that need to be done between now and the 12th of June. Tighten a few screws here and there, perhaps another layer of paint but that will be all. It is in South America after all, a continent synonymous in waiting till the last minute.

These stadiums are phenomenal. My personal favourites are the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo which will hold almost 70 000 screaming fans and the Roman Colosseum like Estadio Nacional in Brasilia which will host many of the games in the knockout stages. These works of architectural art will be the perfect stage for sports most prized theatre

The state of the public infrastructure is something people have also been criticising. So much has been said about the airports noy being up to standard. There are not enough buses, the trains don’t run on time and there is also too much traffic congestion. The list goes on and on but just think about it, this is a football tournament and these things don’t involve football. South Africa had the same sort of issues and they managed to put on a spectacular showcase event.

Sure fans may not be touching down into a spectacular airport and their bus might be crowded, but the World Cup in Brazil will offer them so much more.

Brazil is the world’s hot spot for festivals and this years World Cup is surely going to be a month long party for all involved. Perfect weather for beach soccer on Copacabana beach and with a party atmosphere rocking, the clubs with everyone talking about how their team is going.

Football Fan Fest in Brazil will make this a dream for fans going to the World Cup and as I write this I am becoming extremely jealous that I am not going to this edition of the World Cup and frustrated that people are not appreciating what this event it about.

Football is what people should be focusing on here. The best nations with the best players battling it out for the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Us who are not going to Brazil next month will wake up in the middle of the nights to watch players like Ronaldo and Neymar doing their thing and bringing fever pitch to potentially millions.

The success of the tournament could be judged by the high percentage of us hometied World Cup watchers who will think “jeez I wish I was there”. The next two World Cup’s are in Russia and Qatar so please stop putting the country that is the heart of football down, they will hold a fantastic World Cup so “Liva La Vida Football”.

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