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It’s been a while between drinks, but for those left dying for more after our last instalment of links, here’s a refill to keep you going for a while!

Here’s a look from the New York Times on perennial American basketball patron Phil Jackson, and how his insatiable love for the sport will never die.

If you have been hibernating under a rock for the last month or so, here’s the incredibly powerful story from basketballer Jason Collins on how he struggled coming to terms with his sexuality in the eyes of the American public.

Remember the controversy surrounding Oscar Pistorius’ alleged murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp? Vanity Fair take us deep into the underlying issues of the Valentine’s Day saga and how subsequent events have unfolded.

For our retro article of the week, amid growing debate over Roger Federer’s GOAT (Greatest of All Time) status, NYT observes the sheer aura emanating from the Swiss maestro during his incredible time at the top of men’s tennis.

Legendary football manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s tenure at the helm of Manchester United came to a conclusion over the weekend. Grantland analyses the paradoxes that made Fergie’s time at Manchester so memorably unique.

Bullfighting. Yes, that is surprisingly a major sport in some countries around the world. Costa Rican bullfighting, which is quite different from its Spanish counterpart, comes under the spotlight in this feature from SBNation.

With the Kentucky Derby held earlier this month, here was a piece written about racing veteran Gary Steven’s comeback.

The oft-controversial issue in the Formula One world this season has been the longevity provided by tyre manufacturer Pirelli’s offerings. BBC’s Gary Anderson explores whether the announced mid-season tyre changes will have any serious impact.

The first of two fabled Ashes series being held this year is almost around the corner, so here’s the Guardian’s recounting of (so far seven of) the Ashes 20 greatest moments.

Outside Online captures the thrilling nature of watching bobsledding, of all sports, in the flesh.

Deadspin chronicle the inspirational story of a one-legged wrestler’s desire to become an accepted part of society through his prowess in wrestling.

And in our “DUDE, THAT’S SO RAD!”…actually to be more accurate, “DUDE, THAT’S SO BAD!” video of the month, here’s every football goalkeeper’s worst nightmare.

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