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It’s been a while since we’ve given you a dose of the best long sporting yarns available on the net. So without further ado, here’s our bumper-sized collection of some standout long-form sports articles going around. 

Grantland writer Zach Lowe takes a look at the major points for each of the teams involved in the NBA playoffs, which got underway last weekend.

SBNation examines whether college sports competitions in the United States are doing more harm than good, and highlights one example of a college leaving the NCAA that could spark a revolution.

Manchester United wrapped up their 20th Premier League title last weekend. Here’s the BBC’s analysis of how they secured their newest piece of silverware.

With the NFL draft underway, SBNation revisits how racial prejudice in the NFL hampered what could have been one of the greatest Quarterback careers in history.

The 2013 tennis season is just over 4 months old. Sports Illustrated’s Courtney Nguyen casts her eye on the highpoints from the year thus far.

The Guardian’s special look inside the life of Olympic champion Mo Farah, as he prepared for last weekend’s London Marathon.

In our ‘retro’ article of the week, ESPN investigates questions of corruption in tennis, following the notorious Nikolay Davydenko/Martin Vassalo Aguello encounter in 2007.

The problem of what sports stars do career-wise after their sporting pursuits have finished has been well documented in the past. Here’s GQ’s study of George Washington University’s new MBA program that looks at giving NFL stars sustainable entrepreneurial careers following their time on the football field.

In relation to the previous longread, the Washington Post documents Allan Iverson’s battle with bankruptcy, among other things.

If you think Australia’s supposed ‘football hooligan’ culture is shocking, check out an inside account of the violence frequently experienced at Argentinian football matches.

And in our ‘DUDE, THAT’S SO RAD!’ video of the week, here’s a collection of the A-League’s best goals from the 2012/13 season. Which one is your standout goal?


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