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Djokovic eager to defend his title

Novak Djokovic flies into Aus Open Semi-Final. Credit: Mirshara / Flickr

Novak Djokovic flies into Aus Open Final. Credit: Mirshara / Flickr

The world No. 1 Novak Djokovic exhibited tennis at its finest in an unbelievable semifinal performance on Thursday night, comfortably defeating fourth seed David Ferrer in straight sets 6-2 6-2 6-1 in less than two hours.

Novak Djokovic serves. Credit: njmacrae / Instagram

“This is definitely one of the best performances I’ve had in my career,” Djokovic said during his post-match interview on court.

“Hopefully I can retain that level in the final.”

Throughout the entirety of the match, it was Djokovic who dominated play from the baseline forcing Ferrer to adopt a largely defensive approach towards each point, be it on the Serbian’s serve or his own.

Djokovic’s solid backhand drive down the line was a shot that served him well as it proved to be a damaging weapon throughout the evening, enabling him to establish his first break at 2-2 following a lengthy rally; the world No. 1 pushing Ferrer to the far wings of the court.

A mishit from Ferrer allowed the Serbian to hold serve and consolidating the break with a promising 4-2 lead.

Djokovic continued to dictate play from the baseline for the duration of long rally points and pressured Ferrer’s racquet to find the net to secure another break, enabling him to serve for the set at 5-2.

An extremely quick ‘love’ service game led to the Serbian claiming the first set 6-2 in a remarkable 29 minutes.

Ferrer admirably returned to court displaying little concern over the scoreboard and asserted a strong desire to pose a more aggressive resistance.

Djokovic did not however present the Spaniard with many opportunities to play offensively as Ferrer was constantly being forced to run down the Serbian’s top spin strikes of the ball at the sidelines which in turn pushed him farther back from the baseline where he was not able to do much damage.

A combination of ill-timed mishits off Ferrer’s racquet and consecutive stellar ‘love’ service games delivered almost effortlessly by the world No. 1 resulted in the Serbian machine sweeping the second set 6-2 in an astonishingly quick fashion.

While swiftly collecting his eye drops from his coach in the players’ box during one of the changeovers, Djokovic’s vision was clearly of no burden to him as he persisted to hit winner after winner, the ball often clipping the sidelines at impossible angles.

The Serbian upheld this indomitable execution throughout the third set, clinching the last 6-1, to effectuate a position in the Australian Open 2013 men’s final.

Djokovic has two nights off to recover for the grand final and he will be fresh and surely more ready than ever to defend his title.

“This has definitely been my most successful Grand Slam. I am just very thrilled to have another shot at the title.”

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