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Four more years from Meares

Anna Meares is aiming to race on to Rio 2016. Source: Getty Images.

There’s something that separates the true champions from other athletes.

You could label it drive, some would say determination, others call it desire.

Whichever adjective you want to use, however you want to phrase it, Anna Meares has it in spades.

Her decision to ride on and aim for Rio 2016 is a remarkable one, but one that’s obvious to anyone who has ever seen her clip her cleats into a set of pedals.

Meares is a superstar who has conquered every obstacle there is in the sport.

Since hearing the news over the weekend, I’ve been trying to summon the words for days, but I just can’t seem to catch and present the right set of lower cases and capitals.

It’s probably best if you just search “Anna Meares” on YouTube.

(Go ahead, I’ll wait here for you.)

After her incredible and inspiring sprint gold medal in London, she deserves to be acknowledged as one of our greatest ever athletes.

(Not cyclists – athletes.)

Meares will be almost 33 by the time Rio rolls around.

It will almost certainly be her final Olympics, and looms her final farewell to the sport.

She was one of the favourites to carry the Australian flag at the closing ceremony this year, and honour that ultimately went to sailor Malcolm Page.

You can almost bet the house on her leading the team out for the opening ceremony in 2016.

Meares could have been forgiven for retiring at the top of the mountain after the 2012 Olympics.

But that’s not her style.

She craves the competition; she lives off the thrill of the race.

It makes perfect sense that she’s pushing on.

Just a week ago millions of Americans gathered around TV screens and chanted “four more years”.

I have the same feeling about Anna Meares.

Rio can’t get here quick enough.





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