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Could AFL get better?

Could the MCG get even better? Photo: sufw - Flickr

Sitting comfortably with 18 teams the AFL are looking to go one more, with plans to make the game even better. The AFL wanting to go the extra-mile, planning to introduce more mingle bars at grounds for singles to ‘mingle’, Live screens and more Live Music performances pre-game.

“Footy is what it’s still all about, but it’s also about making the game affordable, accessible, and with good customer service,” AFL Strategy manager, Andrew Catterall told the Herald Sun. “This will evolve as stadiums get refreshed.”

More places for Children to play and Parent Rooms were on the agenda for Families enjoying a day at the Footy, while plans to keep elderly patrons warmer by providing them with blankets and more coffee stations are also on the table.

“At the moment the No.1 stadium is the Gold Coast in terms of the whole experience and this will flow through as the other half of the MCG and Etihad Stadium are revamped.” said Catterall.

The AFL fans have also been hit with a nasty price rises across the board, with the AFL recommending that supporters bring food and beverage from home instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money on food from MCG & Etihad Stadium caterers.

Hot Chips are putting patrons a crazy $5.30 out of pocket, The Four ‘n’ Twenty meat pie reaching $4.50, a 10c price rise from the previous season. A slice of Sushi is worth a massive $6.60, the same value as a 425ml Beer. Not the most reasonable price for a family day out at the Football.

On top, a dear $25 to park your car for 3 hours at Etihad Stadium on Match Day. Purely ridiculous.

“Footy (AFL) is just becoming too expensive.” Lindsey, mother of 3 told us. “Taking 4 kids to the footy, paying for parking, Food & Drink is reaching over $100 for a day at the footy. It’s cheaper to stay home and watch it on TV!”

Admission Prices from the AFL are the only relief for AFL fans, a family pass at the MCG (2 Adults & 2 Children) $42 for General Admission, with U15 Juniors $2.50. Much the same theme continues around the country with ANZ Stadium’s Family pass a reasonable $40.

Jacob Arnott

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  • Alice

    The Footy is becoming too pricey! Why do we have to pay more and more for food at the grounds???? It’s stupid.



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