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Mick Fanning takes out Rip Curl Pro

Coolangatta’s very own Mick Fanning is ringing another Bell after winning the coveted Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach by beating 11-time world champion Kelly Slater in the high scoring final.

Fanning ecstatic after claiming the 51st Rip Curl Pro

Fanning, who won his first bell in 2001, downed the aging Floridian in a high intensity bout in excellent six foot swell before a packed beach

The crowds become so large visitors were instagramming the 100 plus car line. The reserve reached capacity around lunchtime.

Slater even pulled off a perfect 10 in his defeat with a massive aerial.

Fanning’s two high-scoring rides of 9.7 and 9.1 trumped a devastated Slater who scored a 10 and 8.07, stopping Slater from becoming the first man to ring the bell 5 times.

Slater is still has the record alongside Australian powerhouse from the 80’s mark Richards
Fanning, a duel world champion from 07 and 09, had surfed exceptionally and brilliantly throughout the competition scoring 4 waves in yesterday’s rounds above 9pts.

Fanning worked his way through an inform Kai Otten in the quarters and close friend Joel Parkinson in the semi’s

Fanning and Slater started charging early in the 40-minute battle- which was started with a minute’s applause for 3 time winner Michael Peterson who suffered a heart attack last week, passing at 59.

Fanning smashed a 9.1 6 minutes in the heat, before Slater responded with a jaw dropping perfect score wave landing a full 360 aerial landing flat, Fanning commenting later “who’d have thought you’d be doing ariels at perfect Bells”-.
Fanning then fought back with a 9.7, leaving last year’s world champion having to attempt more ariels to catch up to the inform fanning.

As the heat neared 40 minutes it almost looked like Slater would receive a potentially game changing wave but as it hit the outer reef the wave become foamy and fat, giving fanning his first Bells victory since he won as a teenage wildcard eleven years ago.


Sam Hopgood

Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia

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