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The NFL’s Super Bowl (The Grand Final) is the biggest if not one of the largest annual events on the sporting calendar. Millions will watch the game world-wide and this year Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, will play host to America’s biggest sporting event. The Super Bowl. Coincidentally, Lucas Oil Stadium is home to the 2011/12 season’s equal worst team, the Indianapolis Colts. But this shouldn’t be a worry for Colts fans, as pick no. 1 in the National Draft is coming their way.

The Super Bowl is played between the American Football Conference Champion and the National Football Conference Champion. The AFC consists of original American Football League (a rival league in the 1960’s, similar to Rugby League’s Super-League), NFL expansion teams and a few original NFL teams to make the conferences even in numbers. The NFC consists of the original NFL teams and expansion teams.

Superbowl 46 will be the AFC’s New England Patriots against the NFC’s New York Giants. Deja vu? In 2008, the Patriots played the Giants in Superbowl 42. The Patriots went the whole season with only one loss, a loss against the Giants in the Super Bowl. Despite Superbowl 42 being the last Superbowl New England played in, they are still considered to be the team of the decade (2000 – 2010) as they won 3 of their 4 Superbowl appearances. Four years later, the Patriots or “Pats” as they are nicknamed, have the chance to get their long-awaited revenge on the Giants in Superbowl 46.

The New York Giants haven’t played in a Super Bowl since their win at Superbowl 42. Prior to that game, The Giants played in and lost to the Baltimore Ravens in Superbowl 35 (2001).

Lucas Oil Stadium Picture: New England Patriots

This season, the Patriots were the better team overall compared to the Giants, also topping their confederation. In the NFC, the defending Super Bowl champions, Greenbay Packers were the leading team and were also the best in the entire league with a 15-1 regular season record. Remember that the Patriots were 16-0 in 2008.

The Pats (Patriots) finished at 1 3-3 and the Giants were 9-7. The NFL has a 17 week regular season with every team having 1 bye week. There are 32 NFL teams and so not every team plays each other. Based on the teams’ record with teams they both played this year, the Patriots are 8-2 and the Giants are 7-3. However, one of the games was the Giants defeating the Patriots 24 to 20 at New England’s home venue, Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts (34km south-west of Boston).This will make a victory in Superbowl 46 even more sweet for the Pats.

Here are some quick notes to think about when watching the game:


Favourite to win: New England Patriots

Toughest challenge: New England’s defense team this season hasn’t been the best of the two, so they are up for a test against the Giants offense team, lead by Quarterback, Eli Manning.

Who to watch: The Quarterback for the Patriots is Tom Brady, he has been at the top of his game for consecutive seasons and he seems to always rise to the challenge. He is considered to be one of, if not the best Quarterback in the NFL. He has also pledged to play better in the Super Bowl than his last game against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game.

Who you won’t want to miss: Patriots Wide Receiver, Chad Ochocinco has been known to excessively celebrate Touchdowns when he was playing in Cincinnati for the Bengals. The NFL has even issued fines for his actions. Under Pats Head Coach Bill Belichick, he has controlled his celebratory side… Then again, he has only scored one touchdown this season.

Trivial Facts: Both Head Coaches and both starting Quarterbacks for the two teams are the same people from Super Bowl 42. Giants Quarterback Eli Manning, is the younger brother of Peyton Manning. Peyton is the Quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, the host team of Super Bowl XLVI. Both the Patriots and the Giants had byes in week 7.


The broadcaster is NBC and the commentators and Al Michaels and Chris Collingsworth. In Australia, ESPN and ONE HD will provide LIVE coverage of NBC’s broadcast.

What to watch for: NBC’s professionalism, camera work and amazing graphics. It will show you how underdone and boring Channel Nine are with the NRL and how out-dated the AFL coverage is on the Seven Network.

You can not miss: Country music superstar Faith Hill(touring Australia in March 2012 with her husband and fellow country music superstar, Tim McGraw) singing her NBC Sunday Night Football rendition of “I hate myself for loving you” (by the Joan Jett and the Black Hearts) in NBC’s coverage introduction video – Usually found played close to the game’s kick-off.

YouTube it: The famous expensive Super Bowl Ads…. Enough said… Nearly as anticipated as the game itself, you can’t miss the million dollar ads put together by US Business. From Becks in his undies to the return of Ferris Buller’s day off, you’ve got to check them out.


Broadcaster: ESPN and ESPN HD (Pay TV)
Time: LIVE @ 10:00am AEDT

Broadcaster: ONE HD (Digital Television)
Time: LIVE @ 10:00am AEDT

Time: Changes by region, check your local guide

Matthew Brokenbrough

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