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‘Fitchy': My Innsbruck Experience

The opening ceremony of the first Youth Winter Olympics have been and gone, being described as ‘amazing’ and ‘thrilling’ throughout the Australian Camp. Though to even get to this point, competing in Innsbruck, meant tireless work and training. This was no different for Australian snowboarder, Alex Fitch.

“For my preparation into the games I did a lot of competitions before the Games, over in the USA. I didn’t do much gym work so I’m not too tired. I did that all earlier so that I would be ready. I’ve just been working really hard on my riding.” said 16 year old Fitch.

“I was inspired by my brothers. I didn’t really have a choice about getting into it because they did.” Fitch’s experience with the sport started back in 2004 when her family hired a snowboard. Ever since, Alex snowboarded every say until the age of 13, when she joined the Perisher Winter Sports Club to be coached.

When asked how it felt to be representing Australia in Innsbruck Fitch replied, “I was really excited. I was pretty proud of myself for getting to this level.” “What I’ve been looking forward to the most are of course the opening ceremony and the competition. The pipe is making some pretty big jumps so that’s exciting.” said Alex.

Alex Fitch dived straight into competition on Day 1 of the Innsbruck Youth Games, qualifying fourth giving her a spot in the finals. A great effort earned the young rider 60.75 and fourth position in the final, narrowly missing out on a podium finish.

“I just wanted to keep it safe and do my safety runs so I got that down and ended up coming fourth so that was pretty good anyway, a great result. I was happy to be here and be in finals and be with my friends in snowboard.”

Despite coming close to a Youth Olympic Games Gold Medal, Alex was up-beat about her performance.

“It was pretty good,” she said. “I had a bit of a fall in practice which I didn’t want to do, so I just did the same runs as I did in both qualifiers and semis.

Overall it has been a great experience for Fitch who expects to take friendships and the feeling of Olympic atmosphere away from the Youth Olympics.

“After the Innsbruck games I want to get really good results in the Rev Tour before stepping up to X Games and then the Olympics.”

The games are far from over for Fitch who will compete in the Women’s Slopestyle event, which will commence on Tuesday.

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Jacob Arnott

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